Top great places for winter vacation and New Year holiday!

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Recently, Vietnam was honored to be one of the best destinations for winter vacation by the National Geographic Traveler. Let's take a look at the other places along with Vietnam attracting a huge number of tourists in this winter.


A perfect suggestion for visitors who strongly desire to enjoy the winter in Europe is the wonderful winter atmosphere in distant Austria. You can have a wonderful winter break in Vienna, the city known as the old Habsburg, glory center.

When coming here, I make sure that visitors will be overwhelmed by the ancient architecture, neoclassical palaces, art cafes, etc. In addition, the cold winter in Vienna is not cold anymore because it is warmed by colorful festivals.

It is great to imagine that you are walking around the little streets filled with snow, then stopping at a bar to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, while watching the hustle streets and passers-by. What’s more, you can also visit Christkindlmarkt which is known as the oldest Christmas market in Europe to get into the air of celebrating romantic and peaceful Christmas.


Winter in Vietnam is clearly divided between the North and the South. While in the South, the atmosphere is warm and full of blazing sunshine, the North is cold and humid. It makes you feel like you are paying a visit to Sapa, Lao Cai.

When the snow begins falling in the North, many young people quickly make a Sapa tour, watching the plum, peach blossom in the snow or they can sit around the barbecue food stalls, charcoal pink, red kitchen, together laughing under the cold Sapa sky.


Another country chosen by National Geographic Traveler as the perfect winter break is the country which is known as the land of the rising sun. In the winter, the snow covers the whole space, and it is the dream of many people who want to have an impressive winter vacation in this country. If you have chance, you can take part in Sapporo's weeklong Snow Festival to admire the giant snow slide and more than 200 night-lit snow sculptures

Ancient space under the snow covered the warm breath, the romance of the lights are lit every night in Shirakawago ancient village. So what are you waiting for? Let's make a trip to Japan to enjoy the cold winter time with full of warmth.


And if you cannot suffer from the cold winter weather, Tanzanian in Africa may be an ideal warm winter vacation spot. There is nothing amazing than watching the wild grasslands, the balloons flying in the air at the Serengeti national park.


Winter is now no longer cold anymore. Instead, you can choose one of the winter vacation destinations I have just mentioned above, which will make a deep impression on you. Take note of meaningful moments and your feeling when enjoying yourself in these locations. After that, let’s share your story with me in order that I can share your story with other people. As a result, all of us will have a memorable winter vacation.